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It’s hard to completely relax in a home after a burglar or intruder has broken in. The best thing you can do to help this is avoid the whole situation in the first place.

The average cost of a burglary is £1000 along with a lot of hassle and peace of mind. You never think of your home quite the same again. With a few simple and inexpensive precautions, including making your home look occupied with Fake TV FTV11 can save you thousands.

With the Fake TV FTV11 Burglar Deterrent you won’t have to worry when you go out at night or on holiday. With the Fake TV’s built in light sensor it will turn itself on at dusk and you can set the Fake TV to turn off after 4 or 7 hours to make your TV watching pattern seem more realistic.

Most burglars will not break into an occupied house. Why risk prison? So when a prowler sees that flickering glow that means someone is home watching TV, he knows to move on to an easier target.

The dynamic light from Fake TV FTV11 is 3 times brighter than the previous model and conveys the impression of a full house watching a 40 inch television in a way that a light on a timer cannot. It consumes only the same power as a night light and the AC adapter is included.

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Fake TV
Fake TV, TV Simulator

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