Fake TV , TV SimulatorLED-Home-Security-TV-Simulator-Burglar-Intruder-Thief-Prevention-Timmer-amp-Sensor

MAKES HOME LOOK OCCUPIED: mimics the flickering glow, scene and color changes of a 42-inch TV to fool thieves into thinking you’re home when you’re actually asleep, on holiday or out for the evening so that they would dare not break into your house
4 SETTINGS: ON, OFF, DUSK+4 HRS, DUSK+8 HRS; you can flip the switch to the “ONInch position and the device will run continuously until it is switched OFF; it can also be scheduled to turn off after 4 or 8 hours of use when set to the DUSK settings
BUILT-IN LIGHT SENSOR AND TIMER: When set to one of the 2 DUSK timer settings, the sensor automatically turns on the device at dusk and lets it remain on for 4 hours or 8 hours, then the device turns off and goes in the standby mode
PORTABLE: it weighs only 0.40 lbs (0.18 kg) and is mains powered, meaning it can be placed in any room of the house; please aim it at a translucent shade, drape or blind and make sure the device can not be seen from outdoors
ENERGY EFFICIENT AND SAFE: this eco-friendly LED TV simulator consumes less than 3 watt, roughly the same power as a night light, more energy-saving and economical than leaving a TV switched on when no one is home

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Fake TV
Fake TV, TV Simulator

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