Fake TV , TV SimulatorHome security LED TV Simulator Anti Thief TV Simulator Crime Prevention Dummy Fake TV Light Sensor Alarms Home Security Device

1. Plug TV Simulator into the included adaptor

2. Move the switch to InchDusk + 4hrsInch = Blue light comes on, the built-in light sensor will turn Home Security TV Simulator on when it gets dark, and it work continuously for 4hours and standby automatically

3. Or move the switch to InchDusk + 8hrsInch = Red light comes on and it work continuously 8hours and standby automatically

4. Move the switch to the InchONInch = Device will start working at once continuously all day and all night (unless you attach a timer)

5. Move the switch to the InchOFFInch = Device will turn off

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Fake TV
Fake TV, TV Simulator

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