Fake TV , TV SimulatorFake TV Simulator-Best DIY Home Security Surveillance System-Theft Prevention-Burglar Deterrent-BURGLAR BE GONE Fake Crime TV Li

Home security TV simulate the TVs light and voice to pretend that some one is at home, watching TV, which deters burglars.
Built-in light sensor and timer, open and close automatically.
Built-in card MP3 player and 2.0 speaker .
You can put any voice like music, human voice, animals' voice into the micro SD card,
Voice less than 55 decibels, less than international noise standard.
Voice just be on 4 hours. No need to worry about bothering your neighbors in deep evening.
15-piece LED, low electricity consume.
Simple to use even for the old and children.
Perfect for vacations, vacant properties, out for evening.

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Fake TV
Fake TV, TV Simulator

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