Fake TV , TV SimulatorFake TV Light Crime Prevention Home Security Device Burglar Thief Deterrent

This innovative burglar deterrent device uses computer-controlled, super-bright, multi-color LEDs to simulate the changing light, scene changes, fades, swells, flickers, on-screen motion, and color changes just like a real television. When positioned correctly in a room, the effect of someone watching television inside is perfectly replicated to anyone who happens to be standing outside. A thief would more than likely not take any chances, skip your house and hopefully just move onto your neighbor's.

This little gadget is perfect for frequent travelers, long trips and vacations, vacant homes, vulnerable people, bad neighborhoods or simply for general peace of mind. It might also be helpful as a sleep aid for those who like to fall asleep to the soft flickering glow of a tv.

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Fake TV
Fake TV, TV Simulator

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