Fake TV , TV SimulatorFakeTV FTV-11 Extra Bright Burglar Deterrent review

A few years ago, I wrote a news item about the FakeTV, which was a little box with LEDs that flicker, flash, and wane to simulate the look of a TV playing to make it look like someone is home. That little box simulated the light output of a 27″ TV, and that was just too small to simulate my big HDTV. I was looking on Amazon recently, and I found there was a new version of the FakeTV, and the FTV-11 Extra Bright Burglar Deterrent is designed to simulate the output of a 40″ TV. That’s closer to the size of my TV, so I placed my order from Amazon.
The Extra Bright FakeTV measures about 3″ X 2.5″ X 2.25″. It’s made of plastic, and it has a matrix 12 of “extra brightInch LEDs seated in silvery reflectors. I couldn’t find any documentation saying what type of LEDs are used nor their light output. There’s a little computer inside that controls the LEDs to produce a constantly changing light show.

The above video (taken with my iPhone 5) shows what the light display looks like inside my living room. It looks very much like the lights from a TV, with the lights changing colors or getting very bright or dim to simulate scene changes, or suddenly going off for a few seconds like a commercial break starting.


But what’s important is what it looks like from the outside. Our house is elevated in the front; it sits higher above the ground than a normal single-story house, and the bottom of the windows are about 5.5-ft above ground level. You couldn’t see the FakeTV box through the windows, even when standing pretty close to the house – like a burglar might if he were checking things out to decide if this was the house to rob. (And yes, it was raining out there. Such is my dedication to a good review – I’ll send my husband out in any kind of weather to get the video!

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Fake TV
Fake TV, TV Simulator

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