Fake TV , TV SimulatorFake Crime Prevention Tv With Color Changing Led And Low Power

Analog TV Simulates the light of a real HDTV television .From outside the house,it looks like someone is watching TV at home,and the burglar is encouraged to pick an easier target.A built-in light sensor turns Analog TV on at dusk,and it can be set to turn off after four or seven hours.The dynamic light from Analog TV

conveys the impression of InchaliveInch in a way that a light on a timer cannot do it. Consumes just the power of a night light ,AC Adapter included. Analog TV lights change color at random

• Sends burglars packing
• Gives the light comparison to a 40 inch screen
• Added security when on holiday
• Use any time you are gone for the evening
• 3 times brighter than the previous model
• Makes it look like someone is in the next room
• Makes a vacation home or vacant property look lived-in
• Eco friendly low power consumption
• Completely unpredictable no light or colour pattern repeats
• Four or seven hour shutdown timer
• Light sensor which turn on at dusk

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Fake TV
Fake TV, TV Simulator

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