Fake TV , TV SimulatorDigital display TV simulator/Fake Tv Plus with set timer 1-9 hours

Burglar Deterrent TV is an innovative home security products, according to their emitted light color, brightness of random variation, making flashes swing effects, and projected on the windows or translucent curtains, thus simulating a real TV lighting effects. From the outside looking up, you will see indoor light flickering, screen suddenly shaking and imulates scene changes, fades, swells, and and on-screen motion,it looks just like someone is home watching TV,

1, built-in light sensor automatically turn dark.

2, issued a similar dynamic light television, changing colors;

3, The products consider different ages requirement and on a simple operation;

4, LED power, 2 watts, the equivalent of the light emitted by the light 42-inch TV. Do not drive a big screen TV costs of electricity scare thieves, and after 500 hours only waste 1W ;

5, Switcher automaitic , sensor with the timer and don’t worry about forgetting to open the functions;

7, Product safety, environmental protection through the United States, the EU safety certification and the EU environmental certification.

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Fake TV
Fake TV, TV Simulator

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