Fake TV , TV SimulatorAutomatic LED Fake Security Flat Screen TV Simulator Burgular Deterrent

The TV simulator gives the impression of a real television as it flickers in a window, and that can help deter unwanted visitors when you're not at home. A programmed microprocessor controls the light effect and simulates TV scene changes. As well as this will switch on automatically at dusk. It's easy to setup and use and it's portable to, with no wiring or complicated installation needed.
-Keep burglars away
-Light compares to a 40 inch screen -Added security when on holiday
-Use any time you are gone for the evening
-Makes it look like someone is at home
-makes a vacation home or vacant property look lived-in
-Eco friendly low power consumption
-Completely random,no light or color pattern repeats
-3 work status:Always on or 4,7 hours
-Light sensor turns TV Simulator on at dusk

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Fake TV
Fake TV, TV Simulator

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